Journal of the Korean Society for Marine Environment & Energy (abbreviated J. Korean Soc. Mar. Environ. Energy) is the official publication of the Korean Society for Marine Environment & Energy (KOSMEE). It was lunched in 1998 and granted with the number of ISSN 1226-7414. Because of the journal title’s change in 2013, the ISSN (Print) was changed to ISSN 2288-0089 and the ISSN (Online) was changed to ISSN 2288-081X.

This journal is published quarterly (February, May, August, and November) as a peer-reviewed archival multidisciplinary technologies on maine environmental research, science, engineering and maritime issues. After the review process of manuscript has been done, everyone can find and download the full text of the journal freely from http://www.kosmee.or.kr or http://www.jkosmee.or.kr or https://www.kci.go.kr without login. Total and a part of the articles in this journal are abstracted in NRF (National Research Foundation Fund of Korea), Google Scholar, and KCI (Korean Citation Index).

Members of KOSMEE can subscribe to this journal and for the subscription of non-member status, annual subscription fee is 50,000 KRW.
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Copyright (c) 1997 by Korean Society for Marine Environment & Energy (KOSMEE). Authorization to photocopy articles may be granted by the KOSMEE, provided the material is used on a personal basis only. The Society does not consent copying for general distribution, promotion, for creating a new work or for resale. Permission to photocopy articles must be requested to the KOSMEE main office. (office contact : kosmee@kosmee.or.kr)