Guide for Authors

Authors should refer to the guidelines on the preparation and submission of manuscripts below:

1. Audience
Marine environmental scientists, engineers, administrator and politicians

2. Type of paper
Original article and Technical report

3. Language
All manuscripts must be written in English or Korean.

4. Qualification
One of authors should be a member of KOSMEE at least. However, there is an exception. Please contact the main office.

5. Review process
As peer review is the key factor on ensuring high quality articles based on an objective and balanced evaluation, papers submitted to J. Korean Soc. Mar. Environ. Energy undergo peer review.

6. Peer review
The submitted manuscript is circulated to two peer reviewers appointed from the editorialboard. Through the first review processing, the author will be received one of the followingdecision such as

(I) Publication without correction
(2) Publication after correction
(3) Re-screening after correction
(4) Reject
Maximum 6 months is available for the first correction. The correction period can be extended up to two months through author’s request.The detail of peer review process can be found from the KOSMEE's journal home page
(Paper Screening Regulations)

7. Free access
The journal offers you both your article and others freely available to all via the KOSMEE's journal home page ( or or

8. Revenue sources
Revenue sources of journal are from the support of publisher (The Korean Society for Marine Environment & Energy), Korea Government's support, and author fees.

9. Advertising
JKOSMEE does not accept any commercial product advertisements until policy changes otherwise.

10. Direct marketing
Journal propagation has been done through the journal website. Invitations to submit a manuscript are usually focused on the presenters at conferences, seminars, or workshops if the topic is related to the journal's aims and scope.